Weird But Fun Gift Guide For Girls

Many moons ago we did a fun gift guide for boys and as promised here is our weird BUT FUN gift guide for girls. This is for anyone searching for something specific for their niece, daughter, wife, sister, cousin, etc. and want to gift them something a little out of the ordinary that they would never expect.

  1. Chocolate Brussel Sprouts from

  Make them hate you, and then realize that they love you after they bite into one of these creepily realistic sprouts made out of white chocolate.


2.) Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Timbuktu Labs

  For the parents who don’t want to instill the idea of Prince Charming and Damsel in Distress before bed comes a modern book full of stories about strong intelligent female characters. Better yet, these stories are all true.


3.) Food for Her Feet Socks by Suckano Socks

  These cute socks come wrapped up as food and are brightly colored. Pick from a donuts or sushi!


4.) Kid Friendly Archery Set from Two Bows Bros

  This kid friendly-the tips are made of soft material-archery set is perfect the outdoor girl who wants to recreate some of her favorite scenes from Brave (or Katniss in Hunger Games). Or maybe she just wants to learn a new skill….she’ll be sure to love this either way.


5.) Capture the Flag REDUX

  I mean…c’mon. You came to the blog run by Starlux Games so of course you didn’t think we wouldn’t recommend our own game! Why is this perfect for girls? One, it is great for campouts, slumber parties, and girl scout games. This game teaches all kids how to work together, be strategic, and also gets in some exercise in the process.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image

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