Weird But Fun Gift Guide For Boys

Did you know that the month of October has more birthdays than any other month? (Do the math. It makes sense.)

So for funsies, we decided to put together a fun, weird, and interesting list of potentially awesome gifts for boys. (Girls gift guide list to come ASAP.)



  1. MadPax – Funky cool backbacks that are sure to get your kid some attention at school. Who doesn’t love a cool backpack?

MadPax are a fun and crazy gift for boys.


  1. Castakite – An easier way to get your kite up in the air. With this toy, you cast your kite, like you cast a line in fishing, to get it up in the air quicker, faster, and easier. Kids will probably love casting the kite more than flying it. Go figure…


  1. Slacks and Ziplines – Create an obstacle course and develop your kids sense of balance and core strength with their own slackline. Or maybe create their own zipline in the back yard? This online store has a little bit of everything for the adventurous child.


  1. Capture the Flag REDUX – Do we really have to say it? This glow in the dark game kit is awesome, unique, and gets your kids outside after hours instead of on their screens indoors. Plus it encourages teamwork and social skills amongst players. You can also purchase more bracelets so you can play in larger groups of 16+.

Less weird, but definitely fun!

  1. Vapor Blaster – We promised weird, and boy are we going to deliver. Here’s something for the mad scientist/evil villain in all of us. Learn how water turns to vapor while also blasting your own vapor (and non-toxic) rings at your nemesis.

Vapor blasters are awesome fun!



Capture the Flag REDUX Game Box Cover

Capture the Flag REDUX

Experience this classic game with a modern glow-in-the-dark twist

Glow Battle Ninja Game

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Wizards & Werewolves

Transform your backyard into an imagination-fueled competition of mythic proportions

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