How Does Laser Tag Work?

In the past year, we have had many customers who like combining our Capture the Flag REDUX kit with laser tag guns. It certainly would make the game more challenging, although the downside to it is far less running and a bit more hiding. Still, we always find it fascinating how people can take Capture the Flag REDUX and add on their own variations.

This week it got us thinking about how laser tag works. Here are some fun facts we uncovered:

  • Laser tag can technically be played outdoors and in light. Most people prefer to play indoors and with some darkness but mainly so they can see the beam of red light shooting out of their gun. (Makes aiming easier.) However the lasers actually work more like a remote control to a tv with the connection being invisible.
  • The red laser light used in laser tag usually does nothing other than help you aim at a target.
  • That being said, playing outdoors in the light means there could be extra noise interference with the signal. Also, by playing indoors the signal can usually bounce around and makes hitting a target easier. Some laser tag places use mirrors for this very purpose.
  • The way they keep track of each player’s points is fairly simple. Each vest has a signal and when it has been triggered by another player’s laser, it sends a binary signal to a main computer to let it know it has been hit.

So there you have it. For a more difficult game, combine laser tag equipment with our Capture the Flag REDUX game and play it outdoors. To make it easier on the players, you should play it indoors and surrounded by walls or mirrors.

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