Throwing A Back To School Party

Your kids have probably been back to school for about two weeks by now. On a scale of 1-10 where are they in the zombie school zone? Already glassy eyed? Already slow to get up in the morning? It is easy to get into the slow motion of habit again, but maybe it is time to surprise your kids and get them excited for going back to school! How about throwing a back to school party for their new class with our Capture the Flag REDUX game kit!

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image


  • Invite your kids homeroom class over for a Friday night party. (Why a Friday? Well, kids can all come over after school that day without having to sacrifice a weekend night.)
  • Inviting your child’s classmates is also a great way to get them involved and working with their peers. This builds teamwork, confidence, and helps socialize them to their new group.
  • With over 12 glow in the dark game variations and new game ideas, you can keep the crew busy for multiple hours. PLUS! Parents will be happy that their child was out exercising and having fun instead of watching a movie indoors.
  • You can also make this event more fun by purchasing glow in the dark face paint and have classmates get creative.
  • If you do not have the space to host a large group of kids, then maybe reach out to the school and host a back to school event.


Hosting a back to school party is the perfect way to get your kids excited about their new classmates, their new school year, but also keep them active and happy. Playing team-based games in the outdoors has been proven to make people happy and confident after all. 


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