Capture The Flag Strategies And Other News

Here’s a fun post about how are kits get made and our upcoming capture the flag strategies guide.

First off, we thought we would share a few photos from our April production run below. There are moments in the year when we briefly run out of stock. Usually because demand is too high (hellooooo Christmas) and when we have not received a new shipment due to quality control checks.

However, we feel it is important that instead of rushing large orders, that we take the time to do medium batches, knowing that all the kits are complete and that production has taken the time to undergo every check point. These are small parts after all and we want to make sure the kits are safe for everyone playing.

In other news, are you in the market for capture the flag strategies? We have created a FREE eBook of the ultimate Capture the Flag strategies that you can download as a pdf!

We have a new system for printing our capture the flag rules: the inside of the box lid!

Our all-new capture the flag box top and bottom.

The production of our Capture the Flag REDUX jail lights is a long process.


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