Adult Meet-ups Around The Globe

Long gone are the days of kid-only play dates. Adults are now more than ever creating their own meetups and trying out new fun games for groups. Sure, there are adult sports leagues like the traditional company softball or tennis clubs. However with the use of social media and online communities, it’s easy to get word out about non-traditional team meetups. Here’s a few examples of fun games for adults, or generally just fun games for groups, that are taking place around the world:

Vancouver Handstand Meetup
For those looking to learn and practice their handstands.

Tag! You’re It!
Another Vancouver group, but this group meets in a public park and plays freeze tag, tunnel tag, fox and squirrel, chuck the chicken, human foosball, and president and bodyguard. They would probably love a Capture the Flag REDUX kit!

A meetup in Amsterdam where adults come together to play with Nerf guns, ball pits, and host other play parties.

Capture the Flag REDUX Meetup
Yes, yes, we also have our own adults-only meetup every month in Los Angeles, CA. You can find out more on our Facebook events section. Bring a friend! We meet at various parks at sundown throughout Los Angeles and tend to play Capture the Flag REDUX until people get tired.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image


Capture the Flag REDUX Game Box Cover

Capture the Flag REDUX

Experience this classic game with a modern glow-in-the-dark twist

Glow Battle Ninja Game

Glow Battle

Battle like a ninja samurai using harmless glowing swords

Wizards and Werewolves Game Box Cover

Wizards & Werewolves

Transform your backyard into an imagination-fueled competition of mythic proportions

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All Others

Check out our other award winning active games and expansions

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