Fun Icebreaker Games for Strangers To Get To Know Each Other

When you have decided to have a party or a get together, there are often instances where strangers are expected to get to know each other in short order. By selecting fun icebreaker games for your next shindig, you can provide your guests with ample amounts of enjoyment and allow them to even make a new friend or two in the process. We’ll go ahead and skip the most obvious choice, which is that Capture the Flag REDUX is an amazing such game!

Mute Organization

If you’ve never heard of this game before, think of it as a variation of the “quiet game.” This game is played by giving your group a simple objective, but requiring them to reach it without making any sort of noise whatsoever. For example, they will be asked to arrange themselves by some sort of determining characteristic (such as age or birthday), but they are not allowed to make a single utterance during the process of doing so.

2 Minute Mixer

While some might hear the word mixer and think of speed dating, this is the furthest thing from the truth. This game is great for parties, as hosts are able to encourage further mingling among their guests without having to purchase mass quantities of alcohol or any other supplies. The premise is ridiculously simple: every guest has to go up to a new person and speak to them for 2 minutes before the bell rings, with no repeat visits.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is an especially useful game for longer get together, such as work conferences or retreat. The guests are all given a list of weird and interesting objects that they need to take photographs of and they are dispatched in groups to find them in a predetermined amount of time. Games of this nature are exceedingly easy to organize, since everyone and their mother owns a smartphone capable of taking crystal clear photographs.

Two Truths And A Lie

This one’s an oldie but goodie, making it especially useful for occasions where you are pressed for time. For those who have never played this game before, all you need to do is think of three statements about yourself, the stranger the better. One of these statements will be untrue and it is the group’s responsibility to figure out which one is the lie.

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