Fun Family Games To Spice Up Gatherings

To shift an old adage: families that play together, stay together. The importance of family games in helping family members bond and share with each other is immense. What’s difficult to find, though, are games that eight, fifteen and 45 year-olds will all find fun to play together.

Here are some fun games to make those family game nights one to look forward to every time.


The point of this game is to try to draw something while other family members try to decipher what you are drawing. Interestingly, good artists sometimes get bogged down in detail and don’t make it far in their drawing when time expires, while poor artists are just funny to see what they come up with. Everyone is bound to get a good laugh deciphering if that is an airplane or a duck. Plenty of lists of what to draw can be found online for all ages.


Paying charades is basically watching one person act out a section of any movie, while the others try to guess which it is as well as who acted the part. Apart from being a really fun game that puts people’s memory to test, it also has the extra advantage of helping shy family members express themselves in a comfortable setting under as little pressure as possible. And it costs nothing at all – except maybe we consider the cost of pop corn and a few drinks.


You know how Capture the Flag is played, of course – but here’s a fresh twist on a family-favorite game, Capture The Flag REDUX, which is an amazingly fun game for all ages to play together.

The beauty of our version of the game is that it comes with game variations that are sure to delight, even with their is a group of 30 or more. This is especially great news for parents who feel their children spend too much time couched in front of the TV every night.

Let the LED lights addition to Capture The Flag turn those slow nights into fast-paced, strategy laden moments. You will never go wrong.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image



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