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We’ve been nominated for a “TOTY” for best outdoor toy! This comes alongside three consecutive nominations from ASTRA for best active toy.

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We offer thrilling, physically active games for youth and families. Check out our award-winning games below!
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We give kids, teens, and adults something fun, active and social to do. Leave the phones and TVs behind for an awesome time with family and friends!


From 8 to 65+, Everyone Plays Together

Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, even grandparents and grandchildren are known for joining in on the competition as they contend to see who will be the champion! Everyone plays a role and everyone joins in.


Leave Phones & Computers in the Dust

CNN reports that the average teen spends 9 hours on their phone per day and 50% of them feel addicted to their devices. Starlux Games give people the perfect incentive to put down their screens run around like crazy.

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Birthdays, Family Events, in the Neighborhood

Our glow games encourage social interaction, teamwork and cooperation. As Parents Magazine reports, games are one of the best ways to foster social skills – and it doesn’t hurt that ours are a blast to play!


Start Playing Within Five Minutes

Whether you’re an exhausted parent or an overly-excited kid, our illustrated rulebooks make it easy to understand the rules and quickly set up each session. Plus, each kit also includes pulse-pounding variations to keep the excitement fresh.


Reliable Game Pieces, Batteries Included

If you’re looking for value – by purchasing a single game that services a large number of players – or quality – by acquiring a product that promises durability – we proudly stand by our game sets and the experiences they offer.

Starlux Games Logo Starlux Games Logo Glow Battle Game Box Cover Wizards & Werewolves Game Box Cover Starlight Swimming Game Box Cover
Short Description The classic outdoor game now glows Use swordplay, speed & strategy to win A magical game of tag and tactics The ultimate glowing pool party set
Ages 8+ 8+ 8+ 5+
Number of Players (Standard Play) 6-10 2-20 4-10 2-12
Number of Players (Game Variations) 4-20 2-20 11+ (without lights) 13+ (without lights)
Theme Spy, Military Medieval, Ninja Fantasy Aquatic, Marine Animals
Common Uses Birthdays, Large Groups, Summer Camps Sleepovers, Indoor Games, Super Hero Parties Family Night, Costume Parties, Halloween Pool Parties, Cruises, Swim Team Practice
Common Locations Backyard, Park, Gym Basement, Garage, Yard Backyard, Park, Gym Swimming Pool, Tub
Setup Time 5 Minutes 4 Minutes 5 Minutes 2 Minutes
Integrates with Other Games Yes: Glow Battle, Wizards & Werewolves Yes: Capture the Flag REDUX Yes: Capture the Flag REDUX No
Batteries Included?